Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms of service.

When you run a marketing or information campaign using SMS or text messages, please ensure you follow existing rules and regulations governing the same.

Before Starting any Campaign please check the sender-id, content , special characters, character count, after you confirm then test to your numbers then after every thing is fine go for campaign.Because: "Prevention is better than cure"

In any recipient in your contact list does not want to receive any more messages from you and has informed you the same please ensure you remove that contact from your database.

Please ensure that your contact list has only opt-in subscribers; in other words, your recipients should have agreed to receive messages from you, or expressed interest in your product or service.

In the interests of privacy, please ensure that you keep your full2ads account safe and secure so that only you or a limited number of your staff has access to the data stored in your account.

If any recipient in your contact list does not wish to receive any more messages from you and has informed you of the same, please ensure you remove their data from your database

Unsolicited messages don’t only limit the success of your campaign, they can also expose you to legal problem.

We don't encourage Spamming 

if found sending unSolicited messages your account will get deactivate without any prior notice under our Zero SPAM policy.

It is a must to comply with Guideline given by TRAI

Refer: http://trai.gov.in/Content/index.aspx 

for Do not call registry

Refer: ndncregistry.gov.in

To use this service to push SMS to the clients who are eligible / agreed upon to receive your promotions.